US-China Trade Negotiations in Chicago Today

It’s not every day that important negotiations take place outside of national capitals. The The US-China Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade summit is no exception. Today’s negotiations in Chicago are just the second time in a quarter of a century that they have been held outside of Washington or Beijing. And the stakes areContinue reading “US-China Trade Negotiations in Chicago Today”

Looking for Spring 2015 Classes?

I am happy to offer two great classes next semester. I hope you all sign up. And remember that you can use transfer these classes back to almost any college/university in Illinois. Simply sign up as a ‘Student-at-Large’. NON-WESTERN COMPARATIVE POLITICS – CRN: 65065 – PSC 280 – W01 Most of the world’s economic growthContinue reading “Looking for Spring 2015 Classes?”

Stopping Sex Trafficking

According to WBEZ thousands of girls and boys are trafficked into the sex trade each year in Chicago. World-wide, this number jumps to between 600,000 to 2 million children and young adults. Luckily, the tide may be beginning to ebb in Illinois. The state has decriminalized prostitution and then shifted law enforcement resources to catchingContinue reading “Stopping Sex Trafficking”

Understanding the Developing World

The world seems to be getting more complex by the minute, so I am excited to announce that I will be teaching a class this Spring to bring some clarity! See below: PSC 280 W01 (16 weeks online) CRN#65065 PSC 280 Non-Western Comparative Politics Over the next decade, it is expected that the non-Western worldContinue reading “Understanding the Developing World”

The challenging road of referenda in Illinois

Somewhere in the throws of taking care of my infant son, I missed the circuit court’s decision to declare the Redistricting Amendment unconstitutional. As you may recall, I went over its advantages and disadvantages (mainly that it doesn’t apply to Congressional District Boundaries) right here. While this would have been a good measure to sendContinue reading “The challenging road of referenda in Illinois”

Al Qaeda Paid For By Europeans

Thanks to ground-breaking journalism at the New York Times, we now know that Al Qaeda has been funded to the tune of over $125M by European diplomats. Supposedly for humanitarian aide, the money was actually used to pay ransoms for German and other European nationals held captive. Why should we care? For one thing, thisContinue reading “Al Qaeda Paid For By Europeans”