Should Community Colleges Grant Bachelors Degrees: a global perspective

There are community colleges in 21 states that have begun granting bachelors degrees. This is a major shift. Traditionally, community colleges provided certificates and associates degrees and left bachelors degrees to 4-year schools. For students, there are many benefits to this arrangement. For example, they can be closer to family. Nevertheless, it would be disingenuousContinue reading “Should Community Colleges Grant Bachelors Degrees: a global perspective”

Independent Maps on the Fall Ballot

Despite a very challenging ballot initiative process compared with Western states (Colorado, Washington, California, etc.), the group behind the initiative to reform redistricting in Illinois has claimed over 346,000 Illinoisans have signed their petitions. If correct (not too many false signatures), then we should expect the initiative on this Fall’s ballot. While my infographic makesContinue reading “Independent Maps on the Fall Ballot”

New Citizenship Form is on the Way

Starting on May 3rd, the US Citizenship & Immigration Services will begin using a new Citizenship Form (N400) exclusively. If you have been thinking about applying for citizenship, now may be the time for you to take the plunge. The new form is double the length of the old one! To help you with filing contact HIAS.Continue reading “New Citizenship Form is on the Way”