Chicago’s Thai Celebration

Last Friday, downtown workers were treated to free massages, tasty delicacies, and unique vendors as part of the Thai consulate’s festival! Here are some great pictures from the event. Here is a fruit carver which is apparently a traditional art. Such delicacy and care on such a temporal canvas reminds me of the Fluids Happening atContinue reading “Chicago’s Thai Celebration”

QE3: Money for Nothing (and the Chicks for Free)

Chicago School Teachers entered the second week on strike following disagreements over a medley of education issues. As a result average Chicagoans have been frantically searching for safe alternative daycare. And to make matters worse our beloved Bears fell short up in Green Bay. Chicago has been busy. Yet from the Beltway came a Fed decision thatContinue reading “QE3: Money for Nothing (and the Chicks for Free)”

Help a College Class Learn about Political Polling!

Please take the short linked poll. It was designed by my advanced Elections class at Harper College (with some guidance). Next Wednesday, the class will analyze the results!