Boeing goes Back to Business after Battery Troubles

After nearly three months, Boeing’s cutting-edge 787 was reapproved for commercial flight. Chicago-based Boeing’s new jet had suffered delays in the past related to its groundbreaking electronics system and composite body. However, the most recent problem related to its Lithium battery have been worse because this was after airlines had begun utilize the aircraft. EvenContinue reading “Boeing goes Back to Business after Battery Troubles”

Mali: Rebuilding?

Wars are not always easy, but in the case of Mali, it may be the rebuilding that is much more difficult. Malian & French troops quickly routed a Tuareg rebellion earlier this year. To prevent future spark ups, French and American troops are installing military installations in neighboring, Niger. However, the legacy of the latestContinue reading “Mali: Rebuilding?”

US Elections: They are far from perfect, yet you should STILL vote!

On the eve of local elections in Illinois, it’s good to think about what it means to vote in America. Most races here are majoritarian. The person with the most votes wins the race. Typically, that person does not even need a majority of votes (50% +1). Rather, they need only a plurality or theContinue reading “US Elections: They are far from perfect, yet you should STILL vote!”