Global Chicago’s Summer Guide for Just About Everyone

The trees are flowering, and the weather is heating up. Spring has sprung and it’s time to take advantage of Chicago’s next season, construction…errr, summer! And with summer comes a plethora of amazing international events.   For the Outdoorsy: International Sculpture Conference Outdoor Exposition (All Summer) Whether you’re biking, skating, walking or yachting on Chicago’s LakeContinue reading “Global Chicago’s Summer Guide for Just About Everyone”

Governor for the Day? The problem of over-simplification

Earlier today I came across a very interesting resource: an interactive model of the Illinois state budget. In case you have been living under a rock, Illinois is about as well-run as gymnasium managed by chimpanzees (and I fear that I give that state’s legislators too much credit in the comparison). The extent of Illinois’Continue reading “Governor for the Day? The problem of over-simplification”