Chicago Tourism’s Global Presence: Goodbye Europe, Hello China

Choose Chicago, the local tourism bureau, has begun adjusting (and shrinking) its international presence. According to Crains, the bureau is closing its office in the Netherlands. It is also ending its contracts with tourist agents in London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. Meanwhile, it will retain its offices in Mexico City and Toronto and expandContinue reading “Chicago Tourism’s Global Presence: Goodbye Europe, Hello China”

The challenging road of referenda in Illinois

Somewhere in the throws of taking care of my infant son, I missed the circuit court’s decision to declare the Redistricting Amendment unconstitutional. As you may recall, I went over its advantages and disadvantages (mainly that it doesn’t apply to Congressional District Boundaries) right here. While this would have been a good measure to sendContinue reading “The challenging road of referenda in Illinois”

Al Qaeda Paid For By Europeans

Thanks to ground-breaking journalism at the New York Times, we now know that Al Qaeda has been funded to the tune of over $125M by European diplomats. Supposedly for humanitarian aide, the money was actually used to pay ransoms for German and other European nationals held captive. Why should we care? For one thing, thisContinue reading “Al Qaeda Paid For By Europeans”

Just Finished My Summer Lectures

Today, I finished up my summer lecture series, “What In the World Is Going On?”. It has been a real treat getting to discuss so many important international issues that affect us here in America on a day-to-day basis. The audience was wonderful: very knowledgeable and curious! I’ll try to post a few short videoContinue reading “Just Finished My Summer Lectures”

The End of the European Union?: Low Voter Turnout, Protest Votes, and Relevance to the Youth

From its customs union to the Schegen Agreement, the European Union has been becoming increasingly important government institution. Within its elected arm, the European Parliament, it was finally starting to come into its own a force for transparency and representative democracy within this system. So why is the electorate turning away from this powerful institution?Continue reading “The End of the European Union?: Low Voter Turnout, Protest Votes, and Relevance to the Youth”

Athens, Sochi, Brazil: How Do We Prevent Funding Stadiums over Schools?

As promised at my last Lifetime Learning Lecture, he is more information on the astounding cost of sporting events and how fix this problem.    

Should Community Colleges Grant Bachelors Degrees: a global perspective

There are community colleges in 21 states that have begun granting bachelors degrees. This is a major shift. Traditionally, community colleges provided certificates and associates degrees and left bachelors degrees to 4-year schools. For students, there are many benefits to this arrangement. For example, they can be closer to family. Nevertheless, it would be disingenuousContinue reading “Should Community Colleges Grant Bachelors Degrees: a global perspective”

Independent Maps on the Fall Ballot

Despite a very challenging ballot initiative process compared with Western states (Colorado, Washington, California, etc.), the group behind the initiative to reform redistricting in Illinois has claimed over 346,000 Illinoisans have signed their petitions. If correct (not too many false signatures), then we should expect the initiative on this Fall’s ballot. While my infographic makesContinue reading “Independent Maps on the Fall Ballot”

Top 5 Reasons for an Open Primary

Since publishing my article on youth voting, I have come to the realization that I was wrong. As much as my civically-minded, Eagle Scout self would like to be cheering on voter participation, we should not be encouraging our young people to vote in primary elections. Instead of inspiring 17-year olds into a lifetime ofContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons for an Open Primary”