Lowering the Voting Age: Should Youth Vote Starting at 17 or Even 16?

Lowering the Voting Age: Should Youth Vote Starting at 17 or Even 16? As Illinois begins to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections for the first time this year, it’s worth considering this move’s consequences. Check out my article published recently on Yahoo.

Should I Sign the Illinois Redistricting Petition?

Should I sign the Illinois Redistricting  Petitition? After listening to a discuss of this topic on WBEZ, I asked myself this question regarding this potential amendment to the Illinois Constitution. The truth is that this amendment is no panacea,  but it may increase political transparency and reduce partisanship. Shady redistricting practices is not just aContinue reading “Should I Sign the Illinois Redistricting Petition?”

6 Things We Learned in 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, it is time to look back on a busy year for International Chicago. February: US government data suggests that the US remains a huge CO2 emitter, especially when one looks per capita. As for Illinois, we are average in our polluting. April: Boeing Battled Back on Battery Bedevilments. TheContinue reading “6 Things We Learned in 2013”

The American Dream or Just DREAMing?

DREAMers, or children of undocumented immigrants, have entered the American lexicon over the last two years. Their stories are often of heartbreak – families torn about or themselves deported to countries where they may not even speak its language! But also of hope – they are often safer, healthier, and have a better education thanContinue reading “The American Dream or Just DREAMing?”

‘I want my Native Americans’?: Indigenous focused, run network premiers today in Chicago

‘I want my Native Americans’?: Indigenous focused, run network premiers today in Chicago Starting today (November 1st), PBS station WYCC will host a Native American-focused channel, FNX, on 20-2. FNX which stands for First Nations Experience is an excellent addition to the WYCC channels which already feature one of the best sources of education andContinue reading “‘I want my Native Americans’?: Indigenous focused, run network premiers today in Chicago”

Should There Be A Travel Advisory Against Chicago?

Through your Facebook network or media articles, you may have come across the website, HowSafeisMexico.com . The website which is not openly credited to a specific author, provides a number of statistics that generally show that much of Mexico is very safe and open for business and tourism (as long as you use common senseContinue reading “Should There Be A Travel Advisory Against Chicago?”

What Does Illinois Export?

What does Illinois export and to which countries? While overshadowed by Springfield politics regarding pensions, concealed weapons, and gay marriage, Governor Pat Quinn recently visited Mexico on a trade mission. This jaunt was the fifth such mission having previously visited: Belgium, Brazil, Canada, & China. Leaving aside FDI and trade in services (for this articleContinue reading “What Does Illinois Export?”

Governor for the Day? The problem of over-simplification

Earlier today I came across a very interesting resource: an interactive model of the Illinois state budget. In case you have been living under a rock, Illinois is about as well-run as gymnasium managed by chimpanzees (and I fear that I give that state’s legislators too much credit in the comparison). The extent of Illinois’Continue reading “Governor for the Day? The problem of over-simplification”

Boeing goes Back to Business after Battery Troubles

After nearly three months, Boeing’s cutting-edge 787 was reapproved for commercial flight. Chicago-based Boeing’s new jet had suffered delays in the past related to its groundbreaking electronics system and composite body. However, the most recent problem related to its Lithium battery have been worse because this was after airlines had begun utilize the aircraft. EvenContinue reading “Boeing goes Back to Business after Battery Troubles”