6 Things We Learned in 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, it is time to look back on a busy year for International Chicago.

February: US government data suggests that the US remains a huge CO2 emitter, especially when one looks per capita. As for Illinois, we are average in our polluting.

Copyright Andrew Levin 2013
Copyright Andrew Levin 2013

April: Boeing Battled Back on Battery Bedevilments. The last word may be fake, but the problems were all to real for the revolutionary, but troubled Boeing-787.

May: Its really hard to fix Illinois’ massive budget woes. Nevertheless, it needs be done before Chicago becomes Crete.

June-September: My summer guide listed a great event for every type. My personal favorite was the Game of Drones Pub Quiz and found out that the more you know about international affairs/culture, the more you have to learn! I definitely recommend signing up early for Pub Quiz ‘14.

November: Over-the-air television became much more diverse with the introduction of a Native-American run and focused television channel on 20-2. Intelligent, informative and entertaining – this is yet another reason

All year: Illinois is the third biggest state in terms of agriculture exports, but its biggest export is machinery at over $20 billion annually. Oh and they really like us ‘Down Under, mate’.

2014: I wish all of my readers an amazing New Year. May it be filled with happiness and fewer international conflicts.


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