Korea, Culture, and COVID

Ironically, even as sociology is being eliminated at college campuses, the subject is more relevant than ever as a tool for understanding our changing times. So when the World History Digital Educaiton Foundation announced its Spring 2020 Lesson Plan Contest, I made sure to submit my lesson on the impact of culture on early responsesContinue reading “Korea, Culture, and COVID”

Into the Unknown: Lessons learned so far

Like most every other educator in America, the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed our method of teaching. Practically overnight, we have been forced to become tech-savvy gurus. Having received training from Harper College and taught online classes there, I was in a bit of a better position when it came time for distance learning withContinue reading “Into the Unknown: Lessons learned so far”

NCSS Annual Conference: An incredible opportunity for inspiration and information

Along with thousands of other social studies educators and professionals, I went to the 2018 National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Annual Conference in Chicago. Like ICSS Conferences, NCSS brought together experts in the social studies and history to lead sessions for educators. The big difference is the size and, as a result, theContinue reading “NCSS Annual Conference: An incredible opportunity for inspiration and information”

Presenting at the Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies

Sorry for the radio silence. Since I last wrote, I have moved to Wisconsin and now teach at Starbuck Middle School in Racine. Here I teach geography and world cultures. My job is exceptionally important as I am the first social teacher that most of these students have ever had. What hasn’t changed are myContinue reading “Presenting at the Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies”

Creating “Museums” to Promote Student Research & Analysis Skills

I have the privilege of speaking at tomorrow’s conference of the Illinois Council for the Social Studies (ICSS). The topic is the (Social) Science Fair. Growing up, we almost all took part in at least one science fair. You choose a question and then you research the subject and determine an answer to it basedContinue reading “Creating “Museums” to Promote Student Research & Analysis Skills”

Creating Engaged Citizens at Willowbrook

Since August, I have been teaching at Willowbrook High School in the Western suburbs. It is a dream job. Not only do I get to teach US History, Economics, and US Government at a great school, but also I get to teach these subjects at the third most diverse school district in the entire state.Continue reading “Creating Engaged Citizens at Willowbrook”

Mais, Oui: Adding French to My License

I am excited to announce the addition of French to my teaching license, which means I am now able to teach the language in the state of Illinois. Along with my social studies, math, and special education endorsements, I am now fully prepared to engage students with their world. Readers of the blog make sureContinue reading “Mais, Oui: Adding French to My License”