Celebrating Deaf Culture and Civil Rights

As the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) reaches its 25th anniversary, my group in special education read “No Pity” by Joseph Shapiro. The book charts the course of the Disability Civil Rights movement at its height. It also inspired us to create a series of important projects that we would like to share with theContinue reading “Celebrating Deaf Culture and Civil Rights”

Podcasts in the Classroom

While listening to the latest Freakonomics podcast (http://freakonomics.com/podcast/ask-not-what-your-podcast-can-do-for-you/), I was delighted to hear about efforts to personalize the education experience for high school students through that medium. For those of you not yet in on the fun, podcasts are recordings that can be either streamed or downloaded. You can find podcast channels with segments onContinue reading “Podcasts in the Classroom”

Teaching: The Year in Review

Four years ago this month I began teaching. This past year was the most successful and intellectually engaging year yet. It began in January with my teaching evaluation process at Harper College. I decided to improve Diversity, Inclusiveness, and Inequality Education (DIIE) in my classes. Throughout Spring courses, I provided a short survey to studentsContinue reading “Teaching: The Year in Review”

Celebrate Constitution Day at Harper College

http://www.flickr.com/people/23960434@N03 Constitution Day 2015 is scheduled for September 16, 2015 at Harper College in room J 143 from 9:30 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. The Harper community will be invited to attend. The format for this year’s program will be a panel presentation and discussion. The topic is “ Drones, Your Privacy and Due Process: HowContinue reading “Celebrate Constitution Day at Harper College”

Check out my students’ awesome work with African, Latin American and Asian countries!

Please take a minute to look at my Non-Western Comparative Politics students’ final projects. They have done an amazing job learning about these developing countries and really show tremendous insight into how critical challenges such as pollution and gender inequality are being addressed.

Chicago Tourism’s Global Presence: Goodbye Europe, Hello China

Choose Chicago, the local tourism bureau, has begun adjusting (and shrinking) its international presence. According to Crains, the bureau is closing its office in the Netherlands. It is also ending its contracts with tourist agents in London, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. Meanwhile, it will retain its offices in Mexico City and Toronto and expandContinue reading “Chicago Tourism’s Global Presence: Goodbye Europe, Hello China”