Creating Engaged Citizens at Willowbrook

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Since August, I have been teaching at Willowbrook High School in the Western suburbs. It is a dream job. Not only do I get to teach US History, Economics, and US Government at a great school, but also I get to teach these subjects at the third most diverse school district in the entire state. This diversity presents many opportunities to engage the classroom and work in varied points of view. It also encourages bringing in historical perspectives of underrepresented groups – a part of the new Illinois Learning Standards for the Social Studies. Every day, I wake up excited to help my students become more knowledgeable citizen scholars.

Outside the classroom, I am the sponsor for Interact (the high school branch for Rotary International). This has been a great experience – it has allowed me to reconnect with Rotary. The students have led several projects so far, including a book drive for a library in Africa, a video game tournament that raised nearly $300 for fighting polio, and an outreach campaign against domestic violence. If you are available please stop by Chipotle on March 15th and mention our club. Fifty percent of all proceeds will go towards a refugee and displaced migrants charity that the students chose.


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