NATO Updates

Afghanistan is definitely going to be the big issue for the Chicago NATO Summit. The new president of France Francois Holland announced to President Obama that he would be removing French troops by the end of 2012. While this is not a big deal in terms of troop contributions, it is ever more important to … More NATO Updates

NATO’s Here and Yes This is Great News!

Chicago: America’s Barcelona I want to address an issue I am hearing a lot about. I believe this NATO conference can make a huge impact on Chicago’s tourism and development. This is something I have studied for a long time. As an undergraduate at Northwestern, I wrote my political science honors thesis on mega-events. Admittedly, … More NATO’s Here and Yes This is Great News!

The Facebook of NATO

Thanks to an anonymous underpaid staffer at the Sun-Times, we now have a great facebook of the leaders coming to the NATO Summit this Saturday. Did you know Zeljko Komsic, President of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has an average monthly net salary of just $550? How about that Ilham Aliyev, President of Azerbaijan, has his photograph shown at the end of the … More The Facebook of NATO