NATO Highlights Day One

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen spoke with the media following the Summit’s first meeting of the heads of state.

Syria: “NATO has no intention to intervene in Syria.” We must assume then that NATO believes that Kofi Annan’s less than 300 monitors can manage a ceasefire in a country almost as large as Texas! Turkey must feel a bit insecure with a such a lackluster response!

Smart Defense: Air Policing will be done by Western powers, while Baltic states work on ground forces.

Missile Defense: “We will continue our dialogue with Russia.” Missile Defense planning continues. Joint Threat Analysis would be appreciated regarding Iran. He felt that an analysis would show Russia that they too might face a threat from Iran.

Military Budget Reductions: US continues to commit “to a strong Atlantic Alliance.” In process of “making more efficient usage of our forces.” Also, reduced agencies from 14 to 3!  NATO is “a multinational solution” to budget issues.

Afghan Security Forces Aid after 2014: “This summit is not a pledging conference.” Nevertheless, recent commitments make him “optimistic” that they will be able to find “around 4 billion US Dollars.” Later in his speech he talked about needing to raise 4 billion euros/year. Optimism aside, this goal seemed pulled right out of the air. This may explain his slip up between USD and euros.


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