The American Dream or Just DREAMing?

Mexico Looking North – Charles O’Rear

DREAMers, or children of undocumented immigrants, have entered the American lexicon over the last two years. Their stories are often of heartbreak – families torn about or themselves deported to countries where they may not even speak its language! But also of hope – they are often safer, healthier, and have a better education than they would have received in their “home” country.

As of late, these Americans are finally coming out of the shadows to make their stories and voices heard. So let’s hear their stories. One of my colleagues from graduate school has started up a Kickstarter (fundraising) campaign to create a documentary on the DREAMERs. If you are looking for a good clause, you’ve found it. You can watch the trailer and see the neat prizes for donating at: .


UPDATE: Thanks to the contributions of over 200 people, the documentary reached its Kickstarter goal! I’ll make sure to give you all the details when it makes its way out to Chicago!



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