Chicago’s Thai Celebration

Last Friday, downtown workers were treated to free massages, tasty delicacies, and unique vendors as part of the Thai consulate’s festival! Here are some great pictures from the event.

Here is a fruit carver which is apparently a traditional art. Such delicacy and care on such a temporal canvas reminds me of the Fluids Happening at Northwestern University a few months back by MacArthur Fellow and Brazilian artist Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle. The detail here is quite amazing and must require a lot of talent! I meant to ask if these works were simply meant for decoration or were supposed to be eaten. Do any of readers know?

My favorite was of this vendor from Boonrod Treasures. She told me that her family had originally made wooden flowers in Thailand. When they came to Chicago, they continued the tradition. Now these flowers are made in Chicago. She was nice enough to take a picture with her art. I could not help but purchase a few for my wife!


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