Illinois’s primary elections are Tuesday, March 18th! Make sure to check out the Tribune’s recommendations: Sadly, judge positions are especially numerous and opaque in nature, but a few minutes on the site can help you get to the core of who is in it for the right reasons and alternatively who is in it forContinue reading

Lowering the Voting Age: Should Youth Vote Starting at 17 or Even 16?

Lowering the Voting Age: Should Youth Vote Starting at 17 or Even 16? As Illinois begins to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary elections for the first time this year, it’s worth considering this move’s consequences. Check out my article published recently on Yahoo.

Be a Youth Delegate at the UN

The Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, a United Nations NGO, is looking for two youth delegates (18-24) to represent the United States. The Council has access to all open sessions of the UN. If you are interested interfaith engagement, make sure to apply. The application is due on February 12th.

Should I Sign the Illinois Redistricting Petition?

Should I sign the Illinois Redistricting  Petitition? After listening to a discuss of this topic on WBEZ, I asked myself this question regarding this potential amendment to the Illinois Constitution. The truth is that this amendment is no panacea,  but it may increase political transparency and reduce partisanship. Shady redistricting practices is not just aContinue reading “Should I Sign the Illinois Redistricting Petition?”

6 Things We Learned in 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, it is time to look back on a busy year for International Chicago. February: US government data suggests that the US remains a huge CO2 emitter, especially when one looks per capita. As for Illinois, we are average in our polluting. April: Boeing Battled Back on Battery Bedevilments. TheContinue reading “6 Things We Learned in 2013”

5 Chicago Gems on the South & West Sides

You may have heard about the French Foreign Ministry’s warning to French nationals to avoid the Chicago’s South and West sides. Well, the French government has removed its travel warnings, so there is no reason now to avoid some of Chicago’s most historical and beautiful tourist attractions. Here is just my Top 5 List: 1) Garfield Park ConservatoryContinue reading “5 Chicago Gems on the South & West Sides”

The American Dream or Just DREAMing?

DREAMers, or children of undocumented immigrants, have entered the American lexicon over the last two years. Their stories are often of heartbreak – families torn about or themselves deported to countries where they may not even speak its language! But also of hope – they are often safer, healthier, and have a better education thanContinue reading “The American Dream or Just DREAMing?”

‘I want my Native Americans’?: Indigenous focused, run network premiers today in Chicago

‘I want my Native Americans’?: Indigenous focused, run network premiers today in Chicago Starting today (November 1st), PBS station WYCC will host a Native American-focused channel, FNX, on 20-2. FNX which stands for First Nations Experience is an excellent addition to the WYCC channels which already feature one of the best sources of education andContinue reading “‘I want my Native Americans’?: Indigenous focused, run network premiers today in Chicago”

India’s new boom: Grandma?

From time to time, I bring to your attention to books that hit chords with the global trends and local challenges. Deborah Moggach’s book, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” brings together a fictional tale that addresses the conundrum of aging in a globalized economy. In Bangalore, India’s Marigold Hotel plays host to about 2 dozenContinue reading “India’s new boom: Grandma?”