Who is responsible for Chicago’s Crazy Weather?

First, it’s freezing. Then, it’s 60 degrees and thundering. Now we are on to snow storm after snow storm. Chicago weather has been something else this year and as it turns out, it might be partly our fault. The Department of Energy recently released the 2010 data for carbon dioxide emissions per state. For Illinois, theContinue reading “Who is responsible for Chicago’s Crazy Weather?”

Mali at War with Itself

Some updates to my last post. Since then, there have been some positive signs. Niono itself is now securely in the hands of the Malian military as French troops have already reached the edge of Timbuktu. At the same time, accusations of ethnic-based murders by the MALIAN army have been really disturbing. Then, there is theContinue reading “Mali at War with Itself”

The Mali I Knew

This post is not about the country currently torn in two by Tuareg rebels and their Al-Qaida allies whose extremism has recent spread like a disease to Algeria, but of what I saw in Mali a few years ago. The Mali then was no paradise. It suffered under the chains of poverty and its peopleContinue reading “The Mali I Knew”

Streetwise Goes Global!

Streetwise, a local magazine written and sold by Chicagoans affected by homelessness, had a great issue over the New Years. For those that don’t know Streetwise is a real asset to the community. In a job market that has far too few entry level positions, this non-profit allows those who are homeless or in fearContinue reading “Streetwise Goes Global!”

Three Trends to Watch in ’13

Thinking through the events of 2012 year, it was clear that a lot of events have occurred internationally. At home, President Barrack Obama was re-elected; though in the international sphere, candidate Mitt Romney had nearly identical policies. North Korea and Iran continue to be belligerent and reckless. Europeans may have reached the end of theContinue reading “Three Trends to Watch in ’13”

What do you know about your tank of gas? (The answers are here!)

Last week I put up this poll asking where our oil comes for here in Chicago? Thanks to the monthly data on imports, I can now report that the majority of Illinois’ petroleum comes from our neighbors to the north: Canada. Congratulations to the forty percent of you who got this one right! But those whoContinue reading “What do you know about your tank of gas? (The answers are here!)”

Vote Yes on the IL Constitutional Amendment

In short: This amendment will make it more difficult for legislators to turn Illinois into Greece. The Amendment will deter any further growth in unfunded future liabilities from direct benefit pensions and other benefits to public employees. Finally for those in public service (including myself) let me make clear that it will NOT affect currentContinue reading “Vote Yes on the IL Constitutional Amendment”

Chicago’s Thai Celebration

Last Friday, downtown workers were treated to free massages, tasty delicacies, and unique vendors as part of the Thai consulate’s festival! Here are some great pictures from the event. Here is a fruit carver which is apparently a traditional art. Such delicacy and care on such a temporal canvas reminds me of the Fluids Happening atContinue reading “Chicago’s Thai Celebration”

QE3: Money for Nothing (and the Chicks for Free)

Chicago School Teachers entered the second week on strike following disagreements over a medley of education issues. As a result average Chicagoans have been frantically searching for safe alternative daycare. And to make matters worse our beloved Bears fell short up in Green Bay. Chicago has been busy. Yet from the Beltway came a Fed decision thatContinue reading “QE3: Money for Nothing (and the Chicks for Free)”

Help a College Class Learn about Political Polling!

Please take the short linked poll. It was designed by my advanced Elections class at Harper College (with some guidance). Next Wednesday, the class will analyze the results! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dFNuZDJuOHA0MDlveldCSUI5R0ttZEE6MQ