Lessons for Wisconsin from the Southern Tiger

I have introduced a new section to the site that is devoted to book reviews. Like everything else on GlobalChicago, the focus is on books that contain both a local element and an international joie de vie. The first book is The Southern Tiger an autobiography of former Chilean anti-Pinochet activist turned president, Ricardo Lagos. It is aContinue reading “Lessons for Wisconsin from the Southern Tiger”

Hundreds of Somalis complete military training: Heading home to boost the forces fighting Al Shabaab.

Great article on what will hopefully be just the first trained Somali troops going back to fight Al Shabab. Hundreds of Somalis complete military training: Heading home to boost the forces fighting Al Shabaab..

Chicago a Global Powerhouse

Chicago is second only to New York among American cities according to measures of ‘Global Clout‘. This according to a recent index based on cities’ results to five surveys related to global city power. This places it ahead of more populous Los Angeles! It is also ahead of Washington, DC, perhaps the world’s greatest hubContinue reading “Chicago a Global Powerhouse”

International Challenges, Local Solutions: Cook County Combats Human Trafficking

Hundreds of girls are kidnapped. Often they endure intense pain and humiliation as they are branded like animals. The abuse only gets worse. They are soon sent out into the street to become child prostitutes. On the rare occasion that local authorities do find out about this modern-day slavery, it is almost always the childContinue reading “International Challenges, Local Solutions: Cook County Combats Human Trafficking”

An Interconnected World

Globalization …There I said it. Just a few years back, the word was used to denote the thousand and one elements of the deepening connectivity ocurring across almost every political boundary. Generally globalization refers to episodes of integration in the commodity (e.g. Cokes), capital (e.g. Cash), and labor markets (http://www.wto.org/english/res_e/booksp_e/anrep_e/wtr08-2b_e.pdf). Expansion of all three marketsContinue reading “An Interconnected World”