An Interconnected World


…There I said it.

Just a few years back, the word was used to denote the thousand and one elements of the deepening connectivity ocurring across almost every political boundary.

Generally globalization refers to episodes of integration in the commodity (e.g. Cokes), capital (e.g. Cash), and labor markets ( Expansion of all three markets occurred in the late 19th century world and continued until the European powers destroyed each other in World War I. It may well have also occurred in the early days of colonization, as well. In any case, the phenomenon is not new.

Today, using the term “Globalization” has become a big no-no. It is blamed for everything from unemployment to the loss of indigenous cultures. But despite both a turn away from the term and a major recession, international integration is far from over.

But what does this have to do with Chicago? Well just about everything. Our cuisine often originates among the many immigrant groups who settled this reason. Our commerce and industry reaches the far reaches of the world. Our educational institutions have influenced economics and health abroad. AND as you may be aware, we are also about to be host a NATO Summit.

My next entry will analyse the Summit and what it really means for both foreign policy and folks heading around the city.


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